Cleaning up broken glass pieces is always worrisome and cumbersome job because they can hurt you minor or majorly too.

Cleaning bigger pieces, is quite easy. But the difficult part is to clean up tiny little shards which you can not notice with naked eyes and you come to know about them only when you happen to walk bare foot.

So the first thing you should do is carefully pick up the larger pieces of broken glass that you can actually see.

And then, try one of the following four methods to pick up the tiny little pieces that are hard to see:

1. Potato – Take a raw potato or any other larger root vegetable, cut it in half, then press the cut halves into the glass.

2. Slice of bread – Glass pieces will stick right into a soft slice of bread, plus it has a nice, wide surface area to cover a lot of ground.

3. Tape – Use the thickest, widest tape you can find to avoid cutting yourself, packing and duct tape work really well. Tape will pick those little glass pieces right up.

4. Damp paper towel – Fold a paper towel a few times, then dampen before pressing into the glass shards. Make sure it is folded thick enough that the pieces won’t go through the paper.