Duniya ki sabse sasti cheeez hai Salaah,
Ek se maango hazaaro se milti hai..
Aur sabse mehnga hai Saath,
Hazaaro se maango par bas kisi ek se milta hai
Kisi ke dil me mohabbat ka paudha lgaane se pehle zameen parakh lena,
Har ek mitti ki fitrat me wafa nahi hoti
Khushiyan takdeer me honi chahiyein,
Tasveero me toh har shaks muskurata hai
When a person is quiet,
Millions of things are running through his mind
Some people will only Love You as much as they can use you..
Their loyalty ends where the benefits stop
You Need Someone
You need someone who goes out of their way,
To make it obvious that they want you in their life
I am tired of fighting,
For once, I want to be fought for
I act like I don't care,
But deep down I swear, It kills me
Isn't it sad when you get hurt so much,
That you can finally say "I am used to it"
Tears come from the Heart
Not from the Brain