Soch yeh na rakhein ki mujhe acha raasta mile,
Yeh chaho ki main jahaa paanv rakhu, wo rasta accha ho jaaye
Kyunki jo apni kaabliyat pe yakeen rakhte hain,
Wo hi aksar manzil par pahunchte hain
Smile, Things are going to work out.
You may not see it now, But you are being directed to a much greater happiness
Dundhli zindagi ho ya raaste,
Manzil khud-b-khud dhundhni parti hai
Standing alone is better than
standing with the people
who don't value you
Kabhi bhi peeth peeche aapki baat chale,
Toh ghabrana mat..
Kyunki baat unhi ki hoti hai,
Jinme koi baat hoti hai
Laugh at someone dreams
People will laugh at your dreams, But hate you when you will make them come true
Kaamyaab hone ke liye hume akele hi aage badhna parta hai,
Log toh peeche tab hi aate hain jab hum kaamyaab hone lagte hain
Kal kab aata hai mere dost,
Shuruaat toh aaj se hi karni parti hai
You also have an F5 button in your life,
Don't forget to utilize it
You would never invite a thief into your house.
So why would you allow thoughts that steal your joy to make themselves at home in your mind !!