Amazon S3 Servers Crash: How B2B Services must Assist their Clients in the Crisis Hour?

Amazon is one of the most reliable web services on the internet. And when such service crashes down, additional efforts are required for B2B service to assist their clients. B2B (Business-to-Business) service is the exchange of products, services or information between businesses. It is also known as e-biz.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are integral part of web and app development. And in US, AWS is the largest web service provider.

The time, when Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) suffered from ‘increased error rate’ and their services got disrupted, most of the websites also crashed. Since it is B2B service, you cannot do much about it. Amazon has its panel of experts and professionals, who were engaged in fixing the errors so that the crashed websites could be brought live again. There were press releases so that the users and the enterprises could be informed regarding the latest updates about S3 crash. Moreover, the difference in the time zone further increased the problems of the clients since it was becoming difficult for them to reach out to their B2B services or representatives. The websites, like Quora, Trello, Yahoo, went down. The enterprises were worried about the consistency of data, transactions and wanted the services to be restored as soon as possible since it was affecting their businesses.

During such need of hour, the clients must be given proper assistance. Here are some points which must be kept in mind during such kind of urgency:


Customers are one of the most important parts of the business. The web services like Amazon  update their customers through press releases and other PR agencies. But you should not wait for them to do your work since it is not good to keep your clients waiting. Rather reach out to your clients via e-mails describing the issue that has arrised and the reasons behind it. Also inform them about the time that is going to be taken to sort out the matters. A short and to the point e-mail will do the needful.


There are chances that your clients will be trying to contact you and you might not be able to fulfill their needs due to the difference in the time zone. An e-mail would be good in such cases. But you are recommended to go for verbal chat with the clients. So that they can be made understood better and can be calmed down.


It is not necessary that you will be able to understand the reason for server crash or any other such error every time it happens. So keep yourself updated too. Go to Twitter and Facebook where news comes first. Moreover, sources of this information are verified channels.

Raise the stakes:

You are not supposed to call your customers just because of formality or obligation. But because you want to show that you care. Its not necessary that all the customers will care about your assistance, but many of them will do. And you must provide those few people your best of support. Your customers will definitely feel highly obliged.

It is the responsibility of sales representatives, PR professional and other marketing agencies to keep them updated about such events. You can also refer a past event while assisting your clients. Also inform your clients after the errors have been fixed and the services have been restored. They must be kept updated about each and everything happening.

After some days, when everything has settled down, just write a detailed e-mail to your client about what happened, the reasons behind it and the steps that were taken to restore. Take care of your customers in all best possible ways.